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Special Offer: Free Gap Analysis

Take the first step towards ISO certification with our complimentary high-level gap analysis. Identify your current compliance status and areas for improvement, all at no cost.

Special Offer: Free Gap Analysis

Take the first step towards ISO certification with our complimentary high-level gap analysis. Identify your current compliance status and areas for improvement, all at no cost.

Our Mission

Our mission at Kaizen ISO Consulting is to be your trusted advisor, helping organizations continuously improve and find efficiencies through ISO standards. We offer tailored consulting services, creating customized management systems and processes to ensure a quick and seamless certification process.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services including:

ISO Consulting

ISO Consulting:

Expert guidance through every step of your ISO certification journey.

Free Gap Analysis

Free Gap Analysis:

Take advantage of our free high-level gap analysis to understand your current compliance status and identify areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Gap Analysis

Comprehensive Gap Analysis:

An in-depth evaluation of your processes to pinpoint specific gaps and create a detailed action plan.



Internal audits to ensure your management systems meet ISO standards, with actionable recommendations.



In-depth training on ISO standards, fostering a culture of compliance and excellence.

Our Edge:

What sets Kaizen ISO Consulting apart is our unwavering focus on you. We create custom systems tailored to your business, ensuring they are valuable, easy to understand and meet all relevant ISO standards. With Kaizen, quick and painless certification is a given.


What clients say about us

We very much recommend Trenton's consultation expertise in compliance! Trenton helped us, not only completely build out our company Quality Management System, but also understand the practices for ISO 9001 compliance standard. We decided to pursue CMMI SVC Level 3, as well as ISO 27001 concurrently with ISO 9001. Trenton was our lead consultant for ISO 9001; however, he stepped in and helped us.

Jenika D. - Gov. Contractor VP of Corporate Operations

Trenton's approach to ISO certification is smart, concise and fit for purpose. Trenton, the utmost professional, took the time to not only understand yet also appreciate the nuances of our company and built this into our quality management system. Trenton provided advice that was fit for purpose that did not leave us bogged down in paperwork or redundant meetings each month.

Andrew W. - Telecommunications & Broadband Service Provider Non- Executive Director

Trenton greatly assisted our effort to create and customize a quality framework and implementation that was right sized for our organization and met the ISO standard. He brought a balance of confidence, humility, and detailed knowledge of the ISO requirements. In short order, he demonstrated his possession of quality insights and ability to weave together.

Scott B. - Energy Storage Solution Manufacturer Director, Quality, Risk & Compliance

I have worked with Trenton for many years now & have always found him to be great to work with and someone I can rely on to ensure my business is operating to all relevant codes & standards. If you as a prospective client of Trenton's have any blind spots in your compliance, I would urge you to engage his services & enjoy the results of a finely tuned business.

Benjamin S. - Industrial Tank Manufacturer, Maintenance and Repair Managing Director

During our preparation stage Trenton helped align our company goals and desired outcomes to formulate a ISO manual that was both clear and organized for all of our team members to understand and implement. One thing that surprised us was Trenton's ability to quickly and concisely develop the needed requirements into a complete package. He was available throughout the process for any guidance, he also provided industry insights that helped frame our end goals and metrics. I highly recommend Trenton for any of your consulting needs. He is professional, organized, and driven to provide high-quality work that is a value add to any organization.

Justin O. - Advanced Materials Manufacturer VP of Operations

Trenton is an exceptional communicator with an analytical mind and shows great attention to the small details. He possesses excellent problem-solving skills, allowing us to identify potential risks, deficiencies, and areas of improvement. He is also highly proficient in utilizing audit software and tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit process. I believe that he would be an extraordinary addition to any organization's auditing process or department. We were very impressed with his energy to perform under stressful situations and his overall professional skills. I would highly recommend, Trenton Steadman as his auditing input and guidance have helped our organization to reach new heights.

Joshua M. - Electrified Powertrain Solution Manufacturer EHS Manager

I extend my gratitude to Trenton for his exceptional guidance in helping us achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification on our first attempt. Trenton's expertise, tailored approach, and meticulous audit preparation were instrumental in our success. I highly recommend Trenton to any organization seeking ISO certification. Thank you, Trenton, for your outstanding support!

Sara S. - Critical IT Infrastructure Gov. Contractor Director of Business Development
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